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Why Choose Shower Sealed?

By Shower Sealed | 15th November 2017

Shower Sealed, Shower Sealed Gold Coast & Shower Sealed Brisbane are the number one shower sealing and shower repair company in Queensland.

You can trust Shower Sealed as your local professionals.

With over 23 years of experience within the shower sealing & repair industry we are confident that we can provide you the right solution to seal, repair and or enhance your leaking showers and or bathrooms.

Exclusive Ultra Bond Technology allows us to seal up to 95% of leaking showers without the need to remove tiles. Which intern saves you time, money and hassle?

Shower Sealed also provide full waterproofing, tiling, and or shower renovation services as needed. We will provide you with the right advice from a perspective of total industry professionals.

Most our services are backed with a written 12 year product guarantee.

Shower Sealed offer free of charge onsite inspections and quotes throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Coast to Ballina in NSW’s.

Team at Shower Sealed who perform our quotes have literally seen thousands upon thousands of leaking showers prior to coming to your valued property.

We are very grateful to be used and recommended by Real estates, property and Strata managers, plumbers, pest inspectors, builders and families across Queensland.

We trust that our team can be of service to you and or your clients in the near future.

Call Shower Sealed, Shower Sealed Gold Coast & Shower Sealed Brisbane today on 1300 519 133 or visit our website at www.showersealed.com.au

10 Quick Tips About Shower Sealing

By Shower Sealed | 7th November 2017

So you’ve just found out your shower is leaking and you want to reseal it. Fantastic! Poorly sealed shower trays are one of the most common causes of leaking showers.

In this handy guide, you’ll learn 10 tips about shower sealing to achieve a professional watertight seal.

  1. Look for Signs of Water Damage

    If you’ve discovered your shower is leaking, it’s a good idea to inspect the property to find any signs of damage. Common signs of damage include gaps in floor and wall joints, watermark stains on the ceiling, paint bubbling on the walls, discoloured shower tiles and mouldy silicone.

    All of these warning signs are a good indication that your shower is leaking.

  2. Watch Out for Damp Carpet and Unpleasant Odours

    If water has entered the substructure of the home, the lack of insulation means the water won’t evaporate and will cause the wood to rot or decay.

    This will eventually affect the carpet and leave behind damp spots, along with an unpleasant odour and the growth of mould.

  3. Replace Broken or Cracked Tiles

    Cracked, loose or exposed tiles can direct water to unwanted places in the home. Inspect each tile in your shower and replace them yourself or find a professional installer who can match the style of your current décor.

    Keep in mind this may not solve the underlying issue with your leaking shower. Therefore, it’s recommended you have the premise inspected by a licensed professional.

  4. Make Sure the Area is Clean and Dry

    Now that you’ve inspected the premise, you’ll probably want to re-grout or reseal the shower.

    If you choose to do either of these jobs yourself, make sure the area is clean and dry. This will ensure any product you apply adheres correctly and will save you from the hassle of fixing a poorly done job.

  5. Get a Free Pressure and Moisture Test

    Most professional waterproofing companies offer a free moisture and pressure test.

    A moisture test will identify areas in the home that contain unusually high levels of moisture, while a pressure test will search for defects in your home plumbing. By having these tests done, you’ll get professional tips on the right shower sealing solution for you.

  6. Replace the Tile Grout

    Grout is a silicone-based product used to seal joints between shower tiles. Over time, tile grout will degrade and need to be replaced.

    You can choose to remove and reseal the grout yourself. But if you want to save time and have it done right the first time, hire a licensed professional. They’ll know how to correctly perform the procedure and form a 100% seal to extend the life of your shower.

  7. Remove Old Grout Before Applying the New

    You can apply new grout over an existing layer, but the results are usually not good. That’s because the old grout won’t adhere properly to the new layer and will struggle to maintain a 100% seal.

  8. Replace Wall and Floor Joint Strips

    Building movement places a lot of stress on your home. When it comes to your wall and floor joints, the silicone strip that keeps them connected may fail and expose the substructure to water breach.

    Be sure to replace these strips regularly and check other areas of the bathroom such as tiled surfaces, bench tops, splashbacks, and movement joints.

  9. Reseal the Shower Tray

    Need a new application of silicone sealant on the shower tray?

    Use a high-quality sealant designed for bathrooms and has anti-fungal additives. Make sure you choose a sealant that’s non-abrasive to your kind of shower tile.

    If you’re resealing the shower tray yourself, be sure to follow the instructions and prepare the surface, apply the silicone evenly along the tray, and wipe the excess silicone away with a paper towel.

    Should the shower continue to leak then you should seek advice from a professional?

  10. Hire a Professional Leaking Shower Expert

    If you don’t have the time, tools or resources to properly fix your leaking shower, a licensed professional can offer you professional tips about shower sealing and a cost-effective solution.

    Whether you need grout stripped from the wall and replaced, cracked tiles need repairing or you need sealant applied to the entire floor area – a licensed professional will ensure your shower is 100% seal in every aspect.

My Shower is Leaking – What Can I Do?

By Shower Sealed | 7th November 2017

You were just walking towards the bathroom, when suddenly everything went wrong.

What started with a few pockets of air bubbles in the paint, turns into a sequence of bizarre events – the bathroom door gets jammed, the shower tiles are cracked and discoloured, and a musty odour lingers around the place.

It’s not until you walk downstairs when your worst fears are confirmed; a watermark in the ceiling below the bathroom.

You cry, “My shower is leaking!”

Leaking showers are a common problem among homeowners. But it’s crucial you act quickly to avoid paying for structural damage and exposing your family to mould or bacteria.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix the problem without removing tiles or costing you a fortune.

Confirm the Damage

If you’ve found any of the signs of leakage mentioned above, your shower is most likely the culprit.

However, to avoid heading in the wrong direction for treatment, go over this checklist to confirm the problem actually is a leaking shower:

  • Damp or wet carpet areas
  • Cracked, loosened or discoloured bathroom tiles
  • Tile grout is cracked or crumbling
  • Harsh odours or smells
  • Watermarks on the ceiling below the bathroom
  • Air bubbles in the interior paint
  • Exposed gaps between the wall and floor junctions
  • Certain doors or windows are hard to open
  • Termite activity near the bathroom

In most cases, if you have one or more of these issues, then your shower is probably leaking.

Identify Possible Leakage Points

So you’ve found the problem, but you need to get to the source.

First, look in the shower and assess the condition of your tiles, tile grout and silicone stripping. Are the tiles cracked, broken or loosened? Is the silicone strip peeling off? Is the tile grout crumbling away?

Make sure to look carefully, even the tiniest cracks will allow water to penetrate the substructure of your home. If you can’t seem to identify any faults in the shower, the problem could be more serious like a broken drainage pipe or faulty waterproof membrane.

In any case where you’ve identified a shower leak, a licensed professional can provide a cost-effective solution to 100% seal your shower.

Trust Shower Sealed

At Shower Sealed, we can waterproof your shower without removing any tiles. It only takes 2-4 hours to treat your shower, you get a 100% waterproof seal, and you can use your shower the next day.

All of this comes to you with incredible value for money and a 12 year guarantee.

What could possibly be better than that?

If you’re asking yourself, “My shower is leaking! What can I do?” Call 1300 519 133 or make an enquiry to have your leaking shower fixed in a matter of hours.

What You Need to Know About Regrouting Your Shower

By Shower Sealed | 7th November 2017

Tile grout is one of many materials designed to protect your shower or bathroom from leaking water.

Made from water, cement and sand, tile grout seals the gap between the tiles in your shower. This seal stops water from getting into places around the home that shouldn’t be exposed to moisture.

Once grout starts to crumble, crack or get discoloured, this protective barrier breaks down and leaves the surface exposed to water penetration. Just like any material exposed to the harsh elements, tile grout needs to be replaced so that water can travel to where it belongs – the drain.

If you want to avoid paying a costly repair bill, regrouting your shower is the best way to preserve the quality, structural integrity, and value of your home.

How to Remove Grout

Before taking out your current grout, make sure the area is clean and dry. Give the shower a thorough sweep and clean up any excess debris.

Unless you want to spend hours digging away at old grout, use an electronic multi-tool with a blade attachment specially designed to remove grout. Switch on the tool and gently guide the blade to cut away sections of grout. You don’t need to apply much force – the blade will do the work for you.

To remove excess grout, use a flathead screwdriver to scrape the surface and clear the mess with a vacuum cleaner.

How to Apply New Grout

Before applying new grout, give the area a sweep and make sure the surface is dry. For peace of mind, lay down a clear sheet across the floor and secure the edges with masking tape.

What is the most effective type of grout?

For best results, a polymer-modified grout will provide a more durable and better looking seal. Why? The polymer improves the grout’s water-resistance. And it increases the grout’s flexibility when it comes to building movement and changing weather conditions.

To install the new grout, apply it at a 45-degree angle and work it thoroughly in-between the gaps of each tile. There should be no air bubbles or gaps present after the job is done.

While the grout is still wet, use a wet sponge to thoroughly clean any excess from the surface. You may need to regrout and clean the shower multiple times to achieve a 100% watertight seal.

Save Time With a Professional Regrouting Service

Don’t have time or resources to regrout the shower yourself? Shower Sealed can help.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we can give your shower a fresh look and improve its durability for many years to come.

Call 1300 519 133 or make an enquiry to have your shower regrouted by a licensed professional.

Why Should I Waterproof My Shower?

By Shower Sealed | 7th November 2017

Does the thought of walking on damp carpet, seeing a watermark on the ceiling, or finding mould in the bathroom fill you with dread? Do you want to avoid paying thousands of dollars in home repairs caused by water damage?

A poorly waterproofed bathroom can decrease the value of your property and standard of living in many ways. Not only can water damage cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, but also put the health of your family at risk.

If you’re asking yourself, “Why should I waterproof my shower?” Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why.

Moisture Attracts Termites

Termites rely on copious amounts of timber and water to survive.

By introducing moisture into the substructure of the home, you create a perfect habit for termites to live and breed. These sections of the home are poorly ventilated and not designed to house water. This means the timber structures will rot and decay – making it an appetising source of energy for termites.

Concealed places are also preferred by termites. Therefore, finding them becomes harder and more expensive to treat the infestation.

Health and Safety

Did you know it only takes 24-48 hours for mould to start growing in damp conditions?

If a section of your home is poorly ventilated and exposed to moisture, you’re encouraging the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. By letting this growth occur, you could be exposing your family to health hazards.

While not everyone is prone to the effects of mould, many people can suffer from:

  • Respiratory problems such as coughing, wheezing and trouble with breathing
  • Irritated throat
  • Sneezing and coughing fits
  • Nasal or sinus congestion

If you’re still wondering, “Why should I waterproof my shower?” Doing so could save you from a medical emergency.

Property Damage

Moisture can cause serious damage to your home.

From cracked floorboards to peeling paint, plasterboard decay, rotting or warped timber structures – fixing this damage can cost you thousands of dollars.

If a timber structure or wood product is exposed to water in a poorly ventilated place, the wood will rot and become decayed. This increases the chance of a support structure failing and causing extensive damage to the home.

No Insurance Coverage

“If my home is damaged by water, my insurance will cover it… right?”

Not exactly.

While each home insurance coverage is unique, many insurance providers clearly state that, unless you’re taking the necessary precautions to waterproof your home, you may be liable for the damage.

If you want to avoid paying a costly repair bill, waterproofing your shower is one of the best ways to keep your property investment safe.

Have Any Questions?

Want more information on why you should waterproof your shower? Call 1300 519 133 for advice from a professional leaking shower expert.

Showers Repairs Gold Coast

By Shower Sealed | 4th September 2016

Should you find yourself in the situation of suspecting you have a leaking shower, then call the number one leaking showers repair & sealing company on the Gold Coast.

Shower Sealed have exclusive Ultra Bond Technology that can seal over 95% of leaking showers without the need to remove tiles, saving you, your clients, and or your family, time, money and hassle.

A Standard service time ranges from 2.5 hours to 4 hours, and usually the leaking shower can be used within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the leaking showers service.

As we are fully licensed and insured, we can also provide traditional waterproofing, tiling and or shower renovation services as needed.

Most services are backed with a 12 Year Written Guarantee

Shower Sealed perform a thorough inspection on your leaking showers throughout Gold Coast, Tweed Coast & Brisbane. The team that perform our inspections have years of experience within the industry seeing literally 1000’s upon 1000’s of leaking showers prior to coming to yours or your clients property.

Free Quotes on leaking showers Gold Coast, Tweed Coast  & Brisbane

Please call us on 1300519133 or fill in our online call back form today

Showers Repairs Brisbane

By Shower Sealed | 23rd August 2016

The Team at Shower Sealed are your trusted local shower repair pro’s in Brisbane

With over 23 Years of experience performing sealing & shower repairs throughout Brisbane, we have seen just about every kind of shower repair problem possible. Having said this, even we get surprised as to how long people wait to fix a problem. 

Our suggestion when thinking about performing shower repairs is to not wait too long. Even if you are not a shower repair expert, as a home owner you tend to notice little differences with the shower and or surrounding areas of the shower. However unfortunately if you are like most people you tend to kind of pretend you don’t see those things, or think I’ll deal with that latter.

The bigger problem here is that when it involves leaking water then unfortunately the problem tends to get worse much quicker, and cause more damage than other maintenance issues within a home.

While our job at Shower Sealed is to try to save you the costly expense of ripping up and or renovating a leaking shower.  All too often we walk into showers that unfortunately have just been left too long and have caused major damage to the shower and or the surrounds of the shower.

We have even seen entire walls and or floors completely eaten out by termites, which are attacked to the moisture of a leaking shower. There have been a number of occasions where the shower has leaked so badly through the floor, that the floor is literally about to fall through.

Do you need sealing or shower repairs Brisbane?

Here are some the more obvious signs that you will require a shower repair in Brisbane.

  • Swollen door timbers
  • Wet carpets or floor boards adjoining the shower
  • Dark stains within the grout lines of the bathroom
  • Dark stains on ceilings below the shower
  • Damp musty smells within the bathroom
  • Discolored paint on walls adjoining the shower

A leakage from a shower is usually a result of the waterproofing below the tiles within the shower failing in some way shape or form, however with our advanced Ultra Bond Technology shower sealing process we can normally prevent the water even getting to the damaged membrane. However whether we can perform this service will depend on how much damage the leaking shower has caused, both inside the shower and or to the surrounds of the shower.

Next time you are in the shower have quick look around and if you see any of the following issues then call us for an obligation free quote on a shower repair in Brisbane.

  • Moldy lifting sealant where the floor and wall meet
  • Moldy lifting sealants where the wall and wall meet
  • Deteriorated grout within the floor, walls and or hob
  • Cracked grout within the floor, walls and or hob
  • Lifting or cracked tiles within the shower
  • Gaps around the waste drain section
  • Moldy silicone within the shower screen
  • Discolored grout within the shower


Shower Sealed perform a thorough inspection on your leaking shower throughout Brisbane Gold Coast and Tweed Coast. The team that perform our inspections have years of experience within the industry seeing literally 1000’s upon 1000’s of leaking showers prior to coming to yours or your clients property.

Free Quotes on Sealing and or shower repairs Brisbane, Gold Coast & Tweed Coast

Please call us on 1300519133 or fill in our online call back form today

Showers Repairs Brisbane, Gold Coast & Tweed Coast

By Shower Sealed | 4th July 2016

Always insist on an onsite inspection & quote?

Did you know that many companies within the shower repair & sealing industry, don’t even come out and look at your leaking shower? They ask you a couple of basic questions over the phone or internet, then give you some kind of one size fits all quote.

Yet they haven’t even seen the condition of the shower! Does this really make sense?

How can they offer an extensive warranty, or give the correct advice if they haven’t even seen the condition of your leaking shower?

Only an on-site inspection can ascertain the condition of a shower recess and provide you with the correct information and options available to fix your leaking shower.

We hear stories weekly from client’s that have contacted these style of companies thinking they have a set priced quote to fix their leaking shower, only to be told when the company gets to their home, that there will be extra works needed, and it will cost much more than was originally quoted.

Please always insist on an onsite inspection, then you or your family can make an informed decision.

Shower Sealed physically inspect every leaking shower, providing you with a detailed inspection results, quote and or advice. Call 1300 519 133 or fill in our online call back form.

Leaking Shower Sealing & Repairs Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed & Northern NSW's

By Shower Sealed | 22 June 2016

Why is Shower Sealed the most recommended shower Sealing & Repair Company in Queensland?

It’s because we genuinely care about our client’s needs. Understanding the frustrations and potential expense that owners, tenants, and/or property managers may go through when dealing with a leaking shower.  A leaking shower left too long can cause major damage to your valued investment.

Shower Sealed is a locally owned and operated family company with over 23 years’ experience in sealing & repairing leaking showers across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Northern NSW’s.

Our specialized team of industry trained professionals are 100% focused on providing our clients with a second to none service experience from start to finish.   

Shower Sealed offers a free of charge in-home inspection, that quickly determines the source of your leaking shower. We provide you or your clients with a detailed quote in “layman’s terms”, that will clearly outline the problem, and the specific works needed to stop your leaking shower.

Our experienced team physically access every leaking shower with the goal of saving you and or clients the costly expense of ripping up tiles, and/or fully renovating the leaking shower where ever possible.

Shower Sealed have exclusive Ultra Bond Technology that seals over 95% of leaking showers without the need to remove tiles. This is backed by a 12 year written Guarantee.

Should it be assessed that there are too many loose tiles, damage, and/or structural issues, then we also provide full rip out, waterproofing & tiling services as needed.

Our team at Shower Sealed are 100% committed to providing you with the highest quality service in the industry. Don’t take our word for it, please read what our clients have to say about our leaking shower sealing & repair service….

If you are on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Northern Rivers and you have a leaking shower, then we would invite you to contact our team at Shower Sealed on 1300 519 133, or fill in our call back form, to book in a free of charge inspection and or quote.

We look forward to being of service to you, your family and or clients.

Testimonials - To read more testimonials click here

We have had multiple leaking showers over the time we've managed our Brisbane properties. Shower Sealed have done an exceptional job repairing those leaking showers. The quote was competitive and the work was of an exceptionally high quality. I will recommend your shower repairs to anyone else with leaking shower issues.

Mr. Grant - Brisbane

Just thought I would send you a quick note to thank you and your guys for the work carried out for us over the past few months. With over 160 properties under management we (and our landlords) appreciate a company that can deliver on service and price, to which your company do both. We look forward to continue working with you

Mr. Merkur - Principal

This letter confirms that Shower Sealed, has carried out remedial work on showers for us at our place. All work has been performed to a very high standard. Their workmanship was faultless. Their staff were courteous at all Times. We found so far as the quotation was concerned, it was most competitive. On completion of work, areas were left clean and tidy.

Mr. Davey - Manager

If you are on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads or Northern Rivers and you have a leaking shower, then we would invite you to contact our team at Shower Sealed on 1300 519 133, or fill in our call back form, to book in a free of charge inspection and or quote today.

We look forward to being of service to you, your family and or clients. 

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That termites are attracted to wet damp timbers caused by leaking showers.


A leaking shower left too long can cause major damage to your house.