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Shower Sealing for Broad Beach

Fix Your Leaking Shower or Bathroom Without Removing Tiles

Leaking showers and bathrooms can cost you a lot of money, stress and grief.

Shower Sealed has the knowledge, experience and resources to fix your leaking shower without the need to remove tiles. In four hours or less, the Shower Sealed team inspects your shower or bathroom and provides an all-in-one waterproofing solution to stop and prevent leaks.

With minimal inconvenience to your home life, the area is usable the very next day. For the low cost $395 to $595, you save on building repairs and avoid the stress of replacing the waterproof membrane.

Each shower and bathroom sealing service in Broad Beach comes with a 12 year guarantee.

Shower Sealing - No Tiles Removed

What is the secret to our 100% guap [0-ranteed seal? The answer lies in our use of exclusive products, tools and procedures called Ultra Bond Technology.

Most traditional waterproofing methods only stop water once it has breached the surface. Ultra Bond Technology works immediately to target and stop each possible leakage point in the shower or bathroom.

Our waterproofing system ensures water travels down the drain – just the way it should – and resist the natural stress of building movement.

Which of these utilities do you need serviced by Shower Sealed in Broad Beach?

  • Shower
  • Shower Bath
  • Spa Bath
  • Bathroom
  • Vanity and Splashback

For effective shower sealing without removing tiles, call 1300 519 133.

You get a FREE inspection and quote before the job goes ahead.

Local Experts in Shower Sealing for Broad Beach

Recommended by builders, plumbers, real estate agents, strata managers and homeowners; our portfolio boasts over 23 years of successful outcomes and satisfied customers in Broad Beach.

For long-term protection, your shower sealing service comes with a 12 year guarantee – meaning you don’t pay a cent within the warranty period to have the problem rectified by our waterproofing experts.

  • Free onsite inspection and quote
  • No need to remove tiles
  • 100% guaranteed seal
  • Serviced within 4 hours
  • Area ready to use the next day
  • Serving all major areas of Broad Beach
  • Proud members of Master Plumbers Association of Queensland
  • 12 year guarantee

For a FREE onsite inspection and quote, call 1300 519 133.

  • Shower Sealing
  • Re grouting
  • Tiling
  • Tiling Repairs
  • Shower Repairs
  • Shower Reno’s

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That termites are attracted to wet damp timbers caused by leaking showers.


A leaking shower left too long can cause major damage to your house.