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Shower Repairs Brisbane

Shower Repair Brisbane

Shower Repairs Brisbane

Have your Shower Repaired Throughout Brisbane

One of the most common problems that plague Australian homeowners is leaking showers and those living in the Brisbane area are no exception. This pesky problem affects practically all types of showers – no matter if they have been built with the best type of materials – as it is caused by wear-and-tear and the natural power of water as a solvent.

Leaking showers therefore require immediate attention to minimise damage and inconvenience. These invariably involve temporary shower repairs that prolong the lifespan of showers – before fitting a replacement becomes inevitable.

We at Shower Sealed are the experts in delivering high-end solutions using modern Ultra Bond technology that allows shower repairs to be carried out without the removal of tiles and creating permanent fixes.

The more technically-inclined will find it fascinating that a typical shower bed recess would inevitably form a gap with the surrounding tiles over time. This could then lead to damage in the waterproof membrane and this is how shower leaks usually happen.

Shower leaks are also caused by exposure to temperature variations which would lead to frequent episodes of contraction and expansion of the materials used over a prolonged period of time. Additionally, the frequent opening and closing of doors could also lead to vibrations which would loosen bathroom tiles and make shower repairs inevitable.

Identifying a leaking shower needs no expertise – all that is required is to look out for signs such as those listed below:

  • Appearance of visible gaps in the floor and on the walls
  • Grouts on the floor and walls go missing, hence weakening the areas
  • Eruption of paint bubbles on the walls
  • Foul smelling and wet carpets
  • Swollen door frames and,
  • Discoloured tiles in close proximity to shower beds.

If you see any of those symptoms in your home, call us at Shower Sealed immediately to arrange a shower repair before the damage spreads. We are your trusted partners in shower repairs in Brisbane will ensure that your leaky shower problem will be nipped in the bud in no time using only the best technology available.


-No need to remove or replace tiles
-Service only takes between 2-4 hours
-Area usable next day
-Average cost only $395 to $595 including gst

  • Shower Sealing
  • Re grouting
  • Tiling
  • Tiling Repairs
  • Shower Repairs
  • Shower Reno’s

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That termites are attracted to wet damp timbers caused by leaking showers.


A leaking shower left too long can cause major damage to your house.