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Leaking Showers

Leaking Showers are brought about by many different events. What most people don't realize is that all buildings move. As a house settles into is foundations, or as the clay soil underneath your home expands and contracts with the changes in weather, the house shifts around. Naturally this causes areas of stress within the structure and causes cracks to appear. The first signs of building movement can usually be seen in walls, near the corners of windows or doorways, and in ceilings where the plasterboard sheets have separated.

When you consider this movement in your bathroom, you can begin to see how this can cause serious damage. As the building shifts, the grout can be weakened or crack. This gives water a direct route into parts of the building's structure that it normally would be prevented from entering. Once the water from a leaking shower gets into the sub-structure of the house it can cause immense amounts of damage in the form of wood rot. A simple leaking shower can turn into a nightmare renovation as load-bearing beams and joists may need to be replaced. Addressing a leaking shower the instant it's been noticed is integral to keeping further damages in check.

There are four ways to stop a leaking shower. The best possible solution is to never use the shower again, however it's far from practical. Most opt to fix it themselves to save some money, but this too is wasting money. Most over the counter products are silicone based compounds which means that it's only a matter of time before they begin to peel, mould, or crack and lift from the tiles leaving you right where you started and out of pocket again. The third option is complete removal of tiles, and replacing the waterproof membrane. This is an effective procedure if it is performed correctly, however it is costly to both your wallet and your watch; It can take up to a week to successfully perform this repair.

The most effective solution in terms of both time and money is Shower Sealed 'Ultra Bond Technology'. There's no need to replace tiles, the procedure only takes 2-4 hours, the shower can be used again the following day, and the procedure is backed with a massive 12 year guarantee!

Stop your leaking shower, and prevent the damages that it can cause to both your home and your wallet; call Shower Sealed today on 1300 519 133.


-No need to remove or replace tiles
-Service only takes between 2-4 hours
-Area usable next day
-Average cost only $395 to $595 including gst

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That termites are attracted to wet damp timbers caused by leaking showers.


A leaking shower left too long can cause major damage to your house.