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Ultra Bond

Ultra Bond Technology Service!

Seals 95% of showers without removing tiles

Ultra Bond Technology uses a combination of exclusive tools, products and procedures that are all designed to target and stop each possible leakage point within the shower or bathroom.

Unlike traditional waterprofing that relies on stopping the water once it has breached the surface of the area, our system ensures that water can not escape benieth the surface. In effect ensuring that all the water must run down the drain as it was originally designed to do!

With out giving away the secrets to our system, we can tell you that the most common cause of a leaking shower or bathroom is building movement. Therefore the key to our system lies in using products & proceedures that will ensure that your shower or bathroom is protected from this movement. *We offer a Free of charge inspection & quotation

 Exclusive tools, products & procedures ensure the area is 100% Sealed

(Here are just some of the areas serviced)

  1. Water pressure test
  2. Strip out (old) lifting or mouldy sealants
  3. Remove and replace grout within walls
    *Using Ultra Bond Grout
    *Providing not cement based grout
  4. Prepare floor and wall junction with specialized tools
  5. Top up or replace grout within floor and hob as needed
    *Using Ultra Bond Grout
  6. Remove and replace grout around waste as needed
    * Using Ultra Bond Product
  7. Seal inside waste as needed with Ultra Bond Product
  8. Seal all internal joins of shower screen
  9. Apply Ultra Bond Sealants to all floor and wall junctions
  10. Apply Ultra Bond Clear Coating to floor and walls
    (if not re grouted with Ultra Bond Grout)
  11. Service Taps if not ceramic based or Flick mixers
  12. Seal in behind the taps & tap covers as needed
  13. Leave area clean and tidy
  14. Issue 12 year written warranty

Note: We can replace or repair damaged tiles as needed.

Average cost only $395 to $595 including GST.

  • *Prices and Guarantee period will depend on the size and condition of the shower, we offer a free onsite inspection & quote on all showers
  • *Should the shower be too deteriorated then we may suggest alternative solutions such as tiling, waterproofing and or renovations works.
  • Shower Sealing
  • Re grouting
  • Tiling
  • Tiling Repairs
  • Shower Repairs
  • Shower Reno’s

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That termites are attracted to wet damp timbers caused by leaking showers.


A leaking shower left too long can cause major damage to your house.